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Dale Leach Sunrise Road to Cooroy

12:20pm, Fri 28 Mar 2014
Dale Leach Artist Statement  Sunrise Road to Cooroy ( A little history)

The idea for Dale Leachís latest series of  paintings came from the daily road trip she was undertaking travelling from Doonan to Cooroy via Sunrise Road  and Eumundi Range Road  past Mt Cooroy to Nandroya Road. The different times of day, the weather and the seasons all worked to present something new each trip. The winding country roads also presented a cast of characters that was ever changing: Mother ducks with a brood of ducklings, kangaroos, wallabies, scrub turkeys, coucal pheasants, birds of all types and sizes, small dogs, cyclists and cars were all part of the landscape.

One night Dale saw a ring tail possum doing a high-wire-tight-rope-act, crossing high above the road on the power line and using itís tail for balance.

Another hot afternoon a runaway cow emerged out of the long grass with a policeman in hot pursuit.

Quirky landscapes, animals, nature, have always been part of Daleís interest as is the narrative of a place. Our association with a place and the little personal history we developed over time from our accumulated memories and experiences stay with us until time or illness erases them. Picture a garden, then think of your grandparents garden and chances are that the memories flood in of family parties, water fights and family antics. Like a slide show of snap shots we revisit old memories Dale believes that we colour our view of the landscape through  our experience of that landscape and our understanding of the place. So researching the history of a place, learning the name of plants and animals and how they interact not only broadens our appreciation and understanding of where we live, but embeds in us a deeper love for our surroundings.

Role of colour
Colour plays a central role in Daleís works. She uses many layers of acrylic paint to build up vibrant colour. Fearsome brooding dark storm clouds, blood-red sunsets, cool green fields and vibrant plants all come together on a white canvas.

Key themes and issues
Accumulated memories, documenting and understanding our surroundings, the beauty and fragility of the environment, time passing,

Artistic influences
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso

It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.

David Hockney Landscapes
Dale Leach Artist Statement  Sunrise Road to Cooroy ( A little history)

         Dale Leach
Dale Leach 

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