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Alice West
1/20 Mill Rd
Buderim 4556

M: 0400 561 405
H: 07 54 561487

My name is Alice West, Im an artist, as well as a stockist of GOLDEN Artist Colors from my Art Studio in Buderim. GOLDEN are American Artists quality products.They are huge in America and are taking off like wild fire in Australia.
GOLDEN has a huge and innovative range of Paints, Gels, Grounds, Pastes, Mediums, and Varnishes. There is something for everyone. What I love about GOLDEN and Langridge (the Australian distributor) is that they educate people on the products as well as demonstrate Innovative ways to use them.
They have three different ranges of paints:
Fluids - Are a fluid Acrylic that glides onto your canvas unlike traditional Acrylics, that can be used like a normal acrylic, diluted with water to create a vibrant watercolour or diluted with a medium to create an effect like ink and can also be poured or dribbled etc.
Heavy body Acrylics- Are similar to a traditional Acrylic with a creamy or buttery consistency.
OPEN Acrylics - Are an Acrylic that stays wet for hours allowing you to use them and blend them like oils but without all the smell.
Plus The huge range of Gels, Grounds, Pastes and Mediums will boggle your mind.
Golden products can be mixed with other brands and their paints are also very vibrant as they have maximum pigment load and no fillers like some brands.
With GOLDEN products, as an Artist your possibilities are endless.
If you would like to visit my Studio to have a play with some of the products and find out more about them please contact me on the details below,, or
You can also visit, or

Opening Hours
Opening hours are varied and will gradually increase.
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons Please ring to make a mutual time.
Wednesday 1:30pm 4pm
Friday 10am 2:30pm
Saturday 10am 2pm
Other times are also available by appointment.          Ph: 0754 561487

Happy Painting!
Alice 

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