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the two old ladies
2/5 FactoryStreet
Pomona 4568

B: 07 5485 0147

An outing in Pomona would not be complete without a visit to the Two Old Ladies Tea and Gift Shop

Hidden in Pomona is the most delightful tea shop imaginable; beautiful porcelain tea sets, tens of exotic blends of tea to choose from, linen table cloths, fresh flowers and one of the two ‘little old ladies’ to greet you at the door, show you to a table laid with colourful sets of china cup, saucer and plate sets, cook for you, wait on you and  - remind you of your manners when you dare to rotate the teapot!  “You don’t rotate the pot, dear, the tea should be given the correct time to blend perfectly on its own” you are told in a gently scolding voice.

There is nothing ‘little old ladyish’ about these two old ladies. In age perhaps but certainly not in demeanor.  This wonderful retreat from our contemporary and plastic lives is a little bit of old world charm efficiently reclaimed from the past and resourcefully and competently run by this dynamic team of two.

Judy Chipperfield and Jacqueline Page have transformed an old building into a charming escape from today’s harsh reality.  Once settled at your table you follow your hostess (waitress does not quite fit the image) to view a huge selection of teas all beautifully labeled and presented in little jars.  Lids may be removed for absorbing the aromas and you make your choice from more varieties of tea than I have ever seen elsewhere. There is an art to brewing tea and you are given advice on the best ways of doing this. The tea blends may also be purchased.

Once you have chosen the blend you would like and ordered from the ever changing and freshly baked selection of scones and cakes and other delectables on the menu, you are free to explore the gift shop with its arts and crafts and the many antiques and artifacts that go to make up the decor.  Tea sets that have been collected over the years, memorabilia and delightful items to take you back to grandmother’s day.  

Back at your table you take in and savor the mixture of fragrances that assail your senses; the tea, the fresh baking, flowers collected that morning and just sit back and enjoy an hour or more of bliss – it is an experience not to be missed.

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