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Tricia Bradford
2 Coconut Grove
Castaways Beach 4567

M: 0411 244 304
H: 07 5447 5007

I just have the best fun creating and painting! I like to think I am an imaginative and diverse artist who works in a variety of media including acrylic, oils, watercolour, pastels, porcelain, glass, silk, clay and paper. I really enjoy placing or pouring colour and then finding a theme or subject. I delight in experimental and innovative techniques and the resourceful use of different and varied media. Allowing a painting or sculpture to emerge and grow instinctively excites and gives a tremendous satisfaction. To explore an idea by questioning every conceivable aspect develops my creativity and ingenuity.

I began my career by painting on porcelain and gradually moved into other media as my enthusiasm and curiosity grew along with my desire for knowledge and new and different techniques and results. As the compiler and editor of 8 informative published books on porcelain and onglaze art and decoration including a comprehensive dictionary/compendium of onglaze products and techniques I am passionate about sharing knowledge and skills. I am an active member of several art groups, I exhibit frequently, have lectured and conducted workshops both Nationally and Internationally and my works have been featured in many galleries.
My students are the recipients of interesting and stimulating programs designed to encourage creative exploration and experimentation and to develop their own individually unique and distinctive artistic talents.

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