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Lyn Donald
190 Espin Rd
Bli Bli 4560

M: 0439615664
H: 07 54484236

Bio – Lyn Donald – Sunshine Coast Artists Trail
Lyn Donald is a contemporary visual artist and art teacher on the Sunshine Coast.  Her art varies from bold, large, colourful florals in a detailed, contemporary realism style, to detailed tonally shaded graphite drawings, resembling paintings in graphite.  In portraying these subjects from nature, Lyn celebrates the joy and beauty in life.  She is driven by the challenge of capturing the essence and beauty of her subject before it fades or is lost forever, as the transitory nature of everything we love in life is only for a moment.  
She feels strongly that creating art is her life purpose, her way of adding happiness to the world.  This also includes helping other to release their often smothered creativity so they too can enrich their lives producing good art, and for this reason she loves to teach.  To show people that if one has the desire, art can be a learned talent just like any other learned skill and not limited to people “born with artistic ability”.  She believes that creativity is in all of us just waiting to be unlocked.
Lyn has taught art in various forms for a number of years in acrylic, graphite, charcoal or silk dyes focusing on tone, colour, perspective and drawing skills and a strong balanced composition.  She teaches both drawing and painting to teenage and adult age students in a live weekly class or via internet correspondence.  The curriculum is a combination of traditional methods and contemporary knowledge, in a well planned, structured and tested course, and is helping hundreds of people to draw and paint who never before thought this was possible for them.  She endeavours to empower students with a high level of knowledge and experience with the aim of emerging a confident, independent artist producing a high standard of original artwork upon completion of the course in about 42 weeks of easy steps.  Lyn also teaches mini workshops, open days, fairs and weekend workshops.

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