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Froyle Neideck
Tewantin 4565

M: 0402267377

F r o y l e N e i d e c k is a contemporary visual
artist, specialising in creating bold paintings of
dramatic colour and rich texture.
My inspiration comes from colour itself, and my
approach to art is most akin to abstract
expressionism. My paintings are a celebration of
the creative process; whereby the initial
inspiration is the spring board and from this the
art evolves. At the moment music is playing a
vital role in my creativity. It is the catalyst from
where I am drawing my emotional expression and
my paintings are often the execution of a visual colour melody.
Froyle works mainly in acrylic, although recently she has been exploring the use of collage.
I enjoy working with mixed media because I have found that using a variety of medium creates a freedom of expression unrestricted by traditional expectation. I particularly enjoy abstract art because I believe the on-representational format allows for a greater sense of
personal interpretation; both for the artist and the viewer .
Born in Auckland New Zealand, Froyle moved to Sydney Australia in 1970 and to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland in 1983, where she now lives with her family. Froyle studied at the CCC School of Creative Arts, Sydney and has also undertaken art studies in Queensland.
During the past seventeen years Froyle has been involved in many group exhibitions and has had a number of successful solo shows.
Froyle is now teaching others from her life experience.
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