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Wendy Britton
Cooroibah 4565

H: 07 5474 0104

Wheelthrown and Handbuilt Ceramics/Adults and Children's Workshops
I am a local Sunshine Coast practicing ceramic artist. Living at Cooroibah the natural surroundings of bush land and an abundance of wildlife is the inspiration for my enthusiasm and creativity for my art.

I started out my clay journey in 2003 at Noosa Arts and Crafts under the ever watchful eye of Don Jones. From the first day I walked in there and he said have a go at this I was hooked, couldnít do it but I didnít care. It was like getting into your comfie PJís it just felt right. With his guidance my throwing improved and while I handbuild a lot these days throwing is still my passion, I donít even care if I donít complete anything it is the process of the making that I love. Being able to do something different everyday is for me the beauty of clay.

Now I love sharing the knowledge that I am acquiring with others both in adult and childrenís workshops.

I went on to complete my Diploma in Visual Arts/Ceramics at Sunshine Coast Tafe to further my knowledge in ceramics. This also gave me the opportunity to showcase my work at the Emerge 2009 Exhibition.

In 2008 I received a Highly Commended in the Qld Tafe Aspects Awards where my work was selected to be part of the Qld Government Corporate Gift Catalogue.  This result made way for the opportunity to have my work featured in several Galleries and the confidence to enter my work into the competitive arena at which I have had some success. It feels great to think that your peers appreciate your effort and when someone purchases a work itís amazing for me to think that someone loves it as much as I do and wants to have it in their home.

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