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Carole Ronay
Marcus Beach 4573

M: 0418 199 950
H: 07 5448 1825

Noosa Artist

After a lifetime of art appreciation Carole retired from a very busy life and followed in the footsteps of a Grandfather and Mother who painted. Carole started out  on a new journey of painting that soon became a lifeblood for her using oil or acrylic paint.  Many years were spent attending workshops and understudying with many talented professional artists. This included three years of intense private training with an internationally known artist from the group of “Top Ten Australian Artists”.

Carole continues to enter many competitive exhibitions and won a First Prize and Highly Commended at the Noosa Art Festival in 2004. In 2007 she received a Highly Commended Award at the Kenilworth Art Festival.

In 2008 at Noosa, three successful solo exhibitions were held and in 2009/2010 along with two other artists, Carole ran a successful art gallery in Noosa. Holding their own exhibition gave an understanding of art not only from the artist’s point of view, but from a gallery administrative sales viewpoint.

Carole continues to create some outstanding art pieces with skilled brushwork, great compositions, beautiful use and understanding of colour. With an ability to produce and sell paintings that are different and enjoyable to visually explore, Carole says, “To paint is the most exciting journey an artist can take on canvas. Colours alone are exhilarating and energizing. My desire is that people will enjoy my art and experience what I did when applying the paint to canvas. It is a privilege to participate in art which is an added dimension to what the eye can see – ART IS WHAT THE HEART FEELS”.

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