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Pauline Adair
Yandina 4561

Pauline Adair – Figure & Portrait artist

Curriculum Vitae             January 2013
“Each and every person has their own individual beauty, outside and inside..... they are in themselves great masterpieces of creation!    Painting people is how I celebrate humankind and each person’s uniqueness, and I paint people as a tribute to our Creator.
I’m basically self-taught (a work-in-progress!), taking inspiration from old masters as well as modern day artists.... I live for art. I love to look at it, and I love to create it.”

Born in New Zealand, Pauline moved to Sydney, Australia where she worked as the Advertising Manager of a national retail chain for 20 years. Relocation to Queensland meant that her long postponed passion for art could be given some attention, nurtured, and brought to life.

Pauline joined art groups in Brisbane, and she was elected full member and Publicity Officer for the Half Dozen Group of Artists. She painted and exhibited landscapes and figurative works in many art shows and galleries, winning many awards and recognitions.

Pauline has written and contributed articles to several artists’ forums and creative sites on the World Wide Web. She mentors students from all over the world and has collectors for her paintings in Italy, France, England, America, Russia, Finland, Germany, Cyprus, New Zealand & Australia.

In 2009 Pauline’s work was featured on the cover and in Sept edition 'Digital Reproduction Magazine' Her work also featured in the American black & white photographic magazine 'NUDE'.

Australian Palette Magazine has asked her to contribute an article, which is to be published in the April edition, 2013.

Pauline has tutored many workshops locally and interstate: Life Drawing, Figure drawing and painting in many mediums - Pastels, Oils, Ink & Watercolours.

“I love my painting, teaching and mentoring, and I paint every single day if I possibly can..... I mean to use up all my paints so that I don't go to my grave with my paintings still inside me!”

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