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Alice West
1/20 Mill Road
Buderim 4556

M: 0400 561 405
H: 07 5456 1487

Unique and colourful Acrylic, Watercolour, Ink, Chalk Pastel and Oil Pastel Paintings, Prints and Gift Cards. People often say my paintings are a little quirky but always make them smile.
I am one of few born on the sunshine coast and have lived on Buderim for 34 of my 35 years. I am an Artist and a part-time teacher aide in a primary school and an active member of the Painting group and Atrium Gallery at the Buderim Craft Cottage. I donít have any formal training, I am self taught and prefer it that way, as this has allowed me to develop my own style. I have also recently become a stockist of Golden Artist Colors (Artist quality paints, gels and grounds, mediums, varnishes and books) from my Art studio.
I have spent my entire life being artistic or creative in one form or another and have been drawing since I was a small child. Being the youngest of four children and my brother five years older, I had years at home while my siblings were at school and spent a lot of time drawing. I can remember winning art competitions at school and 1st prize at the Nambour Show. I received excellent marks in Art at primary and high school, with my high school Art teacher keeping some of my work. When I left school I desperately wanted to go to a graphic design school in Brisbane, but was unable to do that due to family circumstances. But I then worked in a pottery for my Aunty for a short time, which was a great experience. Life then took a different path, including a family. After separating in 2002 I turned back to drawing and painting as I needed something for myself, being a single mother of two little girls.
I mostly paint in Acrylics, but also love other mediums. When I paint and draw I completely relax and enter another world and before I know it many hours have passed me by. Inspiration comes from the world around me (the sunshine coast is a beautiful place) and I have a vivid imagination. But I am extremely inspired and motivated by other artist too. Ideas for painting can come to me at any time, including the middle of the night. I love to paint things in bright colours that make me feel happy, or express my feelings at the time and hopefully in turn my paintings make other people feel happy or capture their interest. I am also interested in writing and illustrating childrenís books.
After having a very serious accident in June 2010, it has made me reassess my life. Being given a second chance has made me realise how important it is to follow your goals and dreams. Having completed a Small Business course my goals and dreams are now to focus on my business, enjoy the journey on my new path and to paint, paint, and paint!
Thank you for visiting my profile.

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