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- Sunshine Coast, Queensland Art
  Artists from the Sunshine Coast Queensland
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Atrium Gallery
Buderim Craft Cottage
5 Main Street
Buderim 4556

H: 07-54452874
B: 07 54501714

The Atrium Gallery displays artworks, sculpture and
artisan craftwork, all created by local

It stocks a large and regularly changing collection
of art and craft across 12 disciplines
* Calligraphy and paper art * Fabric Art
* Life drawing * Machine Embroidery
* Multi-Media Art * Needlecrafts
* Painting * Patchwork
* Porcelain Painting * Pottery and sculpture
* Jewellery Art * Yarn and Fibre Art

Every piece in the gallery is hand-formed on the
SunshineCoast. The  influence of the Coast
environment is seen in much of the work on display.

The gallery is run by the artists themselves, so Gallery
prices are very reasonable.

The gallery is the “public face” of Buderim's Craft
Cottage, one of the Coast's foremost centres for the
teaching and promotion of traditional and
contemporary arts and crafts since 1967.

Aside from housing the Atrium Gallery, the Cottage,
set in beautiful gardens in the centre of Buderim,
provides workshop and meeting spaces for artists.
Nearby are several beautiful parks and sanctuaries,
a wide selection of  restaurants and cafes, and
several other galleries.

The Atrium Gallery is open from 10am to 4pm daily.
At certain times of the year the regular gallery display
makes way for special exhibitions.
The 2013 exhibition calendar is:
May: 3 – 10 Multi-media Art
July: 5 – 7 Quilt Show
Aug: 8 – 11 Paintings
Oct: 11 – 13 Jewellery Art
Oct: 18 – 26 Sculpture & Pottery

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