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Liana Volpe
664 Cootharaba Road
Cootharaba 4565

M: 0413498233
H: 07 54853159
Studio Volpe

My identity focuses on my Italian birth name 'Volpe' with its origins meaning' fox'. As an artist I am constantly experimenting with recycled papers, found objects and mark making. I create a unique blend of design by incorporating my fine art techniques and graphic design. My gained knowledge has lead me towards seeking my own dug clay from the Cootharaba area and transforming this into beautiful clay sculptures. The origins of my name with my passion for art drive and form my identity.
2012 Bachelor of Arts
2008 Diploma of Ceramics
2007 Diploma of Visual Art
2005 Certificate in Visual Art
1982 Diploma in Fashion Design

2013 Leading Artist with 3 members of AMN
Floating Land Festival Noosa
2011 Art Makers Noosa group grant Floatin Land
Festival, Noosa
2009 Noosa Regional Gallery, Floating Land
Festival, Noosa

Solo Exhibitions
2012 Harbourside Gallery
2009 Madissons Noosaville
2008 Madissons Noosaville

Group Exhibitions
2012 USC Gallery Collective Perspective (June)
2012 USC Gallery Portfolio (Nov)
2009 Noosa Regional Gallery, Floating Land Festival
2008 Cooloola Sunshine Tafe Exhibition
2008 Gympie Gold Rush Art Competition
2008 Kenilworth Art Exhibition
2008 Pomona Railway Gallery
2007 Cooloola Sunshine Tafe exhibition
2007 Revolution Cooloola Sunshine Tafe
2006 Noosa Regional Gallery Water festival
2005 Noosa Outdoor Exhibition
2004 Noosa Regional Gallery

Artmkers Noosa Exhibitions
2012 Noosa Library
2011 Noosa Library
2011 Noosa Regional Gallery, Dirty Dozen
2010 Peregian Hotel, Shades of Black
2010 Madissons Fired Images.
2009 Maroochydore Library
2009 Peregian Hotel

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