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Old Pomona Railway Station Art Gallery
10 Station Street
Pomona 4568

H: (07) 5485 2950

We are planning a celebration of our 12th anniversary of the gallery opening on Sunday 24th March. We will be open on both Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. The anniversary celebrations will be attended by a number of dignitaries who were involved in the original project which opened on 24th March 2001. We will have a simple bbq and nibbles with a complimentary glass of bubbles for guests on the Sunday. There will be some form of live music

History of Pomona Rail Station

Pomona's association with the railway can be traced back to the early days of settlement in the area. However it was the discovery of gold in Gympie by James Nash in 1867 and the resulting economic boom, which paved the way for completion of the line from Brisbane to Gympie by July 1891.
Settlements had already sprung up in the Ringtail, Tinbeerwah, Cooloothin, Skyring Creek and the Kin Kin areas as timber cutting and farming was proving successful. In the 1890s a group of settlers formed a deputation to the Railway Commissioner seeking a railway siding south of Cooran near Mt. Cooroora, which resulted in the establishment of a siding and a signal in 1895.
The residents chose Cooroora Siding as name for their new rail stop however both the Railway and the Post Office objected because of the similarity of the name to Cooroy and Cooran, so finally Pinbarren Siding was recorded by the Railway Department.
Sometime after 1900 the Pinbarren Progress Association was formed and in 1906 they were asked to submit a name for the subdivision. The name Pomona was submitted and accepted resulting in the registration of the town Pomona.

Pomona Railway Station closed in 1991.  Its disused buildings quickly fell into dilapidation and their futures seemed very uncertain. In 1997 they were offered for sale or removal from Queensland Rail land to Noosa council, who rejected the offer.
In December 1997, the Pomona Chamber of Commerceís, Inc, concerned that the building would be lost to the town wrote to the QR asking  they donate them to the community.  To the chamberís surprise they receive a quick reply offering the building to the Chamber on the proviso that they be moved from QR land.
After negotiation between Chamber and Council and the efforts of many volunteers, in April 2000 the buildings were moved on to council land. The Federation  funded Old Pomona Railway Station Gallery and it opened on March 24 2001.  The Pomona Visitors Information Centre opened at the gallery in late 2003.  .
Today the Rail Road Station Gallery is managed by Pomona Arts Inc. which also encompasses the Majestic Theatre and the Pomona Markets.
The Gallery is run entirely by volunteers

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