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Kym Barrett
71 Rammutt Road

M: 0428383196
H: 07 5483 1420

This flower, this light, this moment, this silence.  
Mixed media on canvas, 120cm x 90cm, 2013.
I am a painter whose artwork reflects my philosophy on life. I am seeking a satisfying balance between passages of quiet space and areas of energy, along with a loose sense of structure. I aspire to live and create from a place of freedom and honesty.  I want my works to hold a sense of mystery, sensitivity and aliveness and my mixed media paintings focus on mark-making that is poetic rather than descriptive.  Works on canvas, paper or panel loosely connect the abstract qualities found in Nature and an interior landscape, hinting at metaphors for the human adventure.  

I also love to share the knowledge I have absorbed over the years, both the material and philosophical aspects of arts and life practice.  I regularly run workshops from my own home studio, as well as on the Sunshine Coast and S E Queensland.   My workshop aims are to stimulate enthusiasm and experimentation in mixed media techniques; to develop creativity and the process of discovery in an atmosphere of play; to foster friendship and community; to help unfold each artistís unique arts practice by personal mentoring.

I graduated in Fine Arts at the Brisbane College of Art in 1975, and worked as a teacher in Queensland High Schools until 2010. Since 2005, I have focussed on experimentation with mixed media including acrylics, drawing materials, collage and more recently, oils and wax.  My work has evolved rapidly as a result.  My paintings are held in numerous private collections in Australia, and in the Public Collections at Bundaberg Regional Gallery, Gold Coastís Assisi College, and Immanuel Lutheran College, Buderim.

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