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Nissarana Galleries
Shop 5 Hastings Street
Noosa 4567

M: 0417 767 776 0438 187 190
B: 07 5455 4428

Nissarana Galleries is an Australian Gallery dedicated to the exhibition, marketing and sales of fine art photography and artwork both in Australia and overseas. The work on offer is by established and upcoming Australian, indigenous Australian and International artists. The gallery showcases the fine art landscape photography of Visuddhacara Philip Ayres who has a body of work spanning four decades and an inspirational young indigenous artist Jumba Jimba who has sold out at all his exhibitions.  Both artists have strong spirituality embodied in their works.  Collectors will find that the nature of the artworks in Nissarana Galleries surpasses the normal artistic creation found in many galleries and begins to touch on deeper meanings of human existence and the universal truths.
Culture and spirituality are explored in the artist’s expressions and stories according their individual ways whether it is knowledge coming from their ancestors or inspiration coming from the own heart of creativity.  These works invite the viewer to ponder and come closer to their own inner freedom, ultimate happiness and appreciation of this great universe.
It is the quest of the gallery and staff to offer a peaceful and uplifting experience to the visitor and to assist them in a choice that will add value and satisfaction to their lives. In the presentation at the Gallery all works have a special uniqueness, spiritual depth and quality which makes these artistic creations worthy of investment.
The gallery’s name ‘Nissarana’ was chosen from the ancient Indo-Aryan language Pali, used in the time of and spoken by the Buddha around 500 BC. Nissarana is comprised of  two words: ‘Nis’ meaning ‘not’ and ‘Sarana’ meaning ‘refuge or dependency’. Together these words mean ‘ Freedom’ – or having no bonds or ties.
There is now a golden opportunity for the serious investor and art lovers to purchase some of these amazing and emotive artworks on display at Nissarana Galleries Noosa.

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