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Rainer Kruse
Food and Art Sunshine Coast
16 Marsden Street
Imbil 4570

M: 0452 605 503

Rainer Kruse is a German native, who has worked as a professional chef internationally for over 25 years.  
He moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2012 for a life change, where he lives with his partner Michelle and little daughter Zarli.                  

Rainer started a small business named ‘Food and Art Sunshine Coast’ and resumed creating clocks made of ‘Hebel’ blocks, which originally dates back to 1994, when the first three clocks were made whilst in Germany.

The clocks have a contemporary and industrial look through the combination of aluminium with aerated concrete.

With their freestyle, fresh and vivid paint design, which is slightly orientated on traditional Australian art, they are truly unique and different.

Further fields of interest are crafts, art, metal art and design, photography; here particularly black and white art photography and food photography.

Rainer also offers his culinary skills and expertise as a private chef,for cooking classes and provides culinary support and advise. He currently provides a catering service of French apple tarts for weddings and other occasions and runs the kitchen at the local Bowls Club.

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